Personalised events

A specialist in organising sports, cultural and prestige events, C Event‘s creates solutions designed to meet your needs, for all or parts of your event, with the same commitment to excellence.

C Event‘s is the partner of international cultural and sporting events. Download our 2017 calendar.

A full range of supplier resources, exceptional venues, VIP seats

C Event‘s is ready to meet all your event needs, including a pleasing reception staff, audio-visual equipment, stage or special lighting and sound, stands, overall installation, furnishings, floor or wall coverings, signage, tents, structures, podiums and floral decorations....

Staff : hostesses, models, special talent

Our expertise in providing VIP welcome service guarantees you top-quality:
- C event’S has received the required ground-handling approval
- C event’S has a show-contractor license
- Our C Model‘s Agency is available to provide models (men, women, twins).

Project management, communications and press/public relations

C event‘S provides services for any event format: trade shows, conventions, corporate meetings, seminars, team building, openings and inaugurations, product launches, galas, soirées and premiers, fashion shows, showrooms and weddings...